15 years ago

MAJOR ISSUE with file/photo sharing!!!!?

For two months now, I have been unable to share either files or photos with YM. I have tried removing and reinstalling the latest Messenger, even using some odd directions from Yahoo for doing so. NOTHING works. I have sent them log files, and have received no response. Note that this worked fine for ages, and stopped in mid-June. Pictures stay pixeled forever, irregardless of size (and with good DSL connection on both ends), and files simply get an error and will not transfer. I even tried removing the entire program, and manually deleting the registry file, to be sure the new download was clean, to no avail. My antivirus/firewall is set to allow all Yahoo stuff, so that isn't the issue. Nothing changed on my system when this started being an issue. Other people had a problem,but it resolved. Mine hasn't I need help! Using an under-six-month-old HP with XP Media Center Edition. Appreciate some real help, as not anticipating any from Yahoo at this point. Thanks!
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15 years ago
Bernard T
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hi there, this is not an answer, but i am in the exact same situation, no feedback from yahoo whatsoever and files stay blur forever indeed, get errors and wont transfer i did the same things as you, reinstall - clean out all files left in the registery i hope we can share the solution if one of us finds it my email is thiber65@yahoo.co.uk kind regards, bernard
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