14 years ago

Responded to an internet date ad, exchanged pictures, chatted, how to make myself stand out?

If/when we do meet, this girl has definitely already met a few others who would've asked the same questions I would, and she'd just be repeating herself on our date thus making it a bore. But I don't want the conversation to be all about me either. I realize there needs to be a fine balance, any tips? Also I don't know if she doesn't check email/logon often or if she's still meeting guys left and right (this is my first time doing this), but she is very slow at responding and I sent her an invitation to coffee or dinner a few days ago. No response yet and I'm super anxious. Any tips?
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14 years ago
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Obtain her phone number and arrange to meet soon. If she is playing the field, you want to make sure your game is at the front. She might make a good connection with you and decide not to explore anymore. Send her an email with your number and ask for hers. Then don't email/chat with her anymore. Asking for a date via email is not the best of things to do. It is too easy for her to just press delete and not think about it. But when you get her on the phone and ask, the way she responds will tell you what need to know. If she hesitates at all or tries to use excuses, then she probably doesn't want to meet. Right now, her "plans" are to meet different men and hopefully pick one of them. If she give you and ethusiast response, then she is looking forward to meeting you. Oh, and if she is active in the online dating scene, I can guarantee you she is checking her email daily...or multiple times a day. Good luck.