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Jean Piaget's Short Term.?

How was Jean Piaget and his research, relevant to the individual and society at the time of the research? ; please have good answers!
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He sounds like a pretty cool guy. He was influence by Jung and influence Thomas Kuhn, famous for "Paradigm Shift". A shift in thinking and consciousness. If we focus on the intuition we are conscious of the subconscious and the sub is compared to a tiger with the conscious mind as a monkey on it's back. In other words, our 'thinking' as more of a hinderance than a help. Piaget noticed that children were more creative in a peer setting with a free market of ideas. than when adult molded them into conformists. We so need creative thinkers today. What if we had raised a generation of them or a world of them. The Internet is acting as a freer marketplace of ideas for today for adults to learn in. That spawned schools of thought, reactions and variations affecting education and many other disciplines listed on Wikipedia, like developmental psychology and caused more child centered education. The problem is that it inspired a lot or research and changes in many fields, but just how they filtered down into society in general who be a pretty detailed study, so I would say his influence back then was in the academic community, changing perception in many disciplines and starting whole new ones.