15 years ago
Michael K

Crystal and Copper Healing Grid?

A little while ago I had some energy work done and the person who facilitated the session had an interesting setup. There was a massage table set atop a copper grid with very large crystals of various types resting on top as well. Along side of the table were large bundles of copper tubing about three foot in length that were filled with crushed crystal. The bundles had wires connected to them that connected to two smaller copper tubes (filled with crushed crystal like those in the bundle) that were placed in my hands. Does anyone know the name of this device and where I can get more information on it's construction and use? Peace
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15 years ago
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sounds like the healer would have had this custom made. Both copper and various crystals are frequently used in many forms of energy healing
15 years ago
What a bunch of silly, superstitious claptrap. Almost unbelievable how gullible some people can be in the 21st century.