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I Made www.jurywatch.net. How Do I Market It?

Hi, I created this site called jurywatch.net. This can be used in any county that has their juror information posted on the web. I kept forgetting to call at night regarding my jury duty. So, I figured other people did too. This site will verify daily if a person needs to appear and notify them via email and text message to their cell phone. Ok, fine and dandy. The solution I need is, how do I market it? I have already attempted to contact the department for the state that handles juror information. Should I go to the counties next? My site works now. I want to know how to make people aware of it so they can use it. Suggestions please?
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14 years ago
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You need a formal proposal as a sales pitch. Market to anyone associated with the court system from judges, legal assistants, lawyers, process servers, local, state, county police departments and any city's chamber of commerce. Why? Because that's where either your market is or your networking possibilities. Your background workers like court admin staff (think records departments, translators, etc) would be great to know. Sounds like you might have to do some door-to-door type of sales pitches to get folks interested. Face-to-face is a great way to build up people's confidence in you. :) Good luck with this and I hope it catches on all over the country :)