14 years ago
Haily Patterson

AMC 10 information?

I 'm a freshman, i want to take AMC 10 i went on the AMC website but it was bit confusing to understand about the general info. can anyone give me general info? 1. where do you take it? 2. what is it for? like what do u get if u get certian score? 3. how hard is the test? 4. is there any workbook selling in bookstore to help prepare for the test? 5. what kind of questions are in the test?
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14 years ago
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I took this test once and took the AMC 12 test twice. Here's what I know of the test: 1. You take it at your high school if they offer it, or another high school in your area. If your school does not offer it, ask a higher level math teacher why they don't and see if they can get it at your school. 2. It is for a math competition. If you get a good score (over 120), you get a trip to a math competition with students all over the US. If you get the highest score at your school, you win a prize too. 3. The test is difficult, I won't lie. You get penalized for guessing wrong, so when you do take it, only mark answers you're sure about. 4. I haven't seen a workbook in bookstores, but if you school decides to do the test, the AMC company will send them old tests for students to practice with. 5. The questions vary, but are mostly logic based math questions. You MUST be very logic minded to do this test. If you haven't taken Trig, Discreet Math, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus, I wouldn't recommend taking it unless you feel that you would be good at these types of math problems. Hope that helps!
6 years ago
You find about 100 questions in AMC10 and do them , and if you get 99% then you can try AMC12