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Finding Brazil address?

Hello, I am trying to selling my used stuff to a buyer who is in Brazil. He wants to know how much the shipping will cost; however, I can't calculate it because UPS website do not accept his city and postal code. I can't find any problem with his address. What is wrong with UPS website? Here is his location: City: Jeceaba Minas Gerais state-MG postal code: 35498-000 Thank you.
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14 years ago
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I am from Brazil and I am familiar with UPS - actually, I tried to type your details on the UPS website myself and, indeed, they do not give the shipping costs. They are not able to find the city/zip code. Maybe you should try contacting UPS via telephone or e-mail. Jeceaba is a very small (and for many, unknown) town here in Brazil. If after contacting UPS they state it is not possible to send a package to his/her address, maybe you should ask your buyer for a different mailing address, outside Jeceaba.