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Xbox 20 GB 1080?

on my visa points i am about to purchase a xbox 360 platnium game bundle. I believe it is a xbox preminium because in the info it says it has a 20gb hardrive. Then i was wondering if I would get the same picture quality as my PS3 on my 52 inch 1080p tv. I have that hd wire for ps3 do i need the same one for this xbox preminum? I've heard people saying about that hdmi wires (blue green and red) but those go from my tv to digital box. So what do i need to get the best picture quality. THe description says it includes component HDAV cable and a composite AV cable.
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15 years ago
Hacked Off
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HDMI, component and VGA cables are the 3 options on an Xbox 360 that lets you view HD resolutions from 720p to 1080i and 1080p on your HDTV (if it can support all those resolutions). All 3 cables are about the same quality, although on paper HDMI is probably the purest as it's signal is completely digital rather than analogue (but good cables should help eliminate any variations). You'll need to check that your Xbox 360 Premium is one of the newer ones that has an HDMI port on the back if you want to use it.
15 years ago
David V
I think component get you to at LEAST 1080i, if not 1080p. But if it's a newly produced 360, it'll come with HDMI, and that does 1080p.