15 years ago

EV trained pokemon?

i am looking for EV trained pokemon i have other EV trained pokemon that i am willing to trade or if you want to trade your EV trained pokemon for shinys then i have a few my name is Stoney FC is 4424 9253 1706 so leave your FC or IM me and we can trade i really need a Espeon with a Modest nature it doesnt have to be EV trained but i will trade you an EV trained pokemon for it some of the EV trained pokemon i have are: Banette EV trained in Attack lvl 59 hp 144 attack 200 defence 79 sp attack 110 sp defence 80 speed 98 moves-snatch shadow claw shadow sneak sucker punch Golduck fully EV trained in speed and EV trained in sp attack lvl 54 hp 156 attack 88 defence 95 sp attack 133 speed 150 I have more EV trained pokemon that i will bring if you want so tell me what you have or IM me
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15 years ago
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um, you might want to offer better ev trained pkmn? golduck and banette arent really the best pokemon I've got a weavile if you want to trade for that (ev trained)