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Physics speed of sound/light question?

Suppose that you hear a clap of thunder 14.2 s after seeing the associated lightning stroke. The speed of sound waves in air is 343 m/s and the speed of light in air is 3.00 108 m/s. How far are you from the lightning stroke?
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Distance = Speed X Time Distance = 343 X 14.2 Distance =4870.6 m
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look at the units!!! ok, forget the speed of light, seeing how its pretty much instantaneous unless you're 1 million miles away from the source...so, look at the units of the 14.2 s and 343 m/s...so......how do you get the distance to be by itself! multiply: (14.2 s)(343 m/s) the seconds will cancel each other out and you'll be left with meters! it ends up being 4,870.6 meters. remember, in physics when you're trying to solve a word problem, at first forget the numbers and look at the units. solve for the units first, then plug in the numbers.