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What is the College Park Maryland area like?

I will be traveling to DC in April for the Cherry blossom festival and am thinking of staying in College Park and taking the metro in? Is this a good idea? Is it a safe area? How long with it take to get into DC via the metro? Thanks!
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College Park has had something of a crime wave lately, lots of robberies and beatings on campus, so check the area you wish to stay in very well. Also the College Park metro is not convenient to most of the hotels (the hotels are mostly on Route 1 and the Metro is quite a ways away) so that might be a challenge for you. Make sure your hotel has a shuttle to the Metro and see how long it will take them to come get you when you return to the Metro station and want to get picked up. If you can find a hotel that's within walking distance of the Metro, then you'll be just fine but I don't think there are any! The Metro is really in a city called Adelphi and it's a pretty fair distance from the University. The U runs lots of shuttles for students but you'll really be at the mercy of the hotel shuttle. You will never get a cab from the Metro. There's just not a lot of cabs in that area. You can certainly rent a car, stay in College Park and drive to and from the Metro. Or look for a hotel in another neighborhood that is within walking distance of the Metro. DC hotel prices are sky high during the Cherry Blossom Festival but it's worth checking in the DC suburb of Arlington, VA--- not only are there lots of hotels near the Metro, but cabs in the area are plentiful, and you can get a cab back from the city direct to the hotel for less than $15 or so.
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Great area, University of Maryland is there so there are a lot of young people. Its certainly not dangerous. It's always best to stay outside of DC and metro in, unless you want to pay $200 bucks a night for a downtown hotel :P The Metro will take maybe 10-15 mins from that distance. Its fast, consistent, clean and safe. The only issue would be if you were going back to your hotel very late, the trains run infrequently after a certain time.
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that's merely as risk-free as the different place. ideal now risk-free practices is a sprint tighter there too, even regardless of the undeniable fact that that's in PG County and PG County Police are frightening so the keeps human beings from committing crimes. no longer purely is it somewhat risk-free even regardless of the undeniable fact that that's on the edge of Washington DC and there are a number of stuff to do there alongside with college Park.