15 years ago
Ryan S

how do i get into a good business school?

ok so i did pretty good in high school but i couldnt get into an ivy leauge school so i went to university of michigan. if i get a 3.9 gpa there and a 750 gmat do i have a good chance at getting into upenn wharton or hbs or any of the other top ten MBA programs? and how much do these top b schools take into account what ugrad school that you went to rather than your grades? i really want to be an investment banker at a bulge bracket firm so it is imperative that i go to an ivy leauge business school or chicago or MIT sloan is this possible?
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15 years ago
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You're at Michigan - a school whose MBA program is top 10 in certain subject areas, and is highly respected overall - and you're worried about future rejection because it's not MIT? Don't give it a second thought, dude. Concentrate on those grades, leadership activities, and internship opportunities for now, focus on the GMAT and landing a first job that will open doors when the time comes, and you'll be in great shape.