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How should I react?

I used to own a school in which I put a lot of love and heart into. I sold it the last week of my pregnancy to a lady who had the right background. I looked long and hard and I felt good about my choice. Now I get e-mails from my old students saying she makes them uncomfortable. Also, the parents and students feel they are not progressing and her boyfriend who is always there creeps them all out. I tried to mentor and help the new owner, so much that my husband was ready to go nuts. I finally decided to let her figure it out on her own. Right after that she asked me not to teach the one day a week I still taught and the students are telling me they feel uncomfortable even mentioning my name. I confronted her and she acts like she has no idea what the students are taking about. Why would the students lie? Why is she doing this? I know it's not my school anymore, but that does not change how I feel about the school or the students. I feel so hurt, and don't know how to react
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matt culling
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It is painfull watching something that you have nurtured fall in grace. Unfortunately when you relinquished control to another the magic of your creation was lost to some degree because that magic is yourself and cannot be replicated by another . however well you have searched for your replacement they can never hold your school in the same sacred light as you yourself do because it wasn't their baby from its birth . The current scenario seems sad because of the young lives involved but unless you wish to retake your original position and can do so its rather out of your hands unfortunately now . concentrate on another area that needs your compassion understanding and knowledge and make a difference elsewhere.
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How come you sold your school? Just cuz of being pregnant? Maybe it's just a typical uneasyness of change for the students and the new lady. The students were used to the routine of you and now someone new is there and will be doing things her way- might feel weird for the kids. I would back out as much as I can and just let things settle down. It'll take a good few weeks but if you truely feel good about your choice then things should be ok. Now if you had a student or parent complain about issues regarding safety or issues in that sense, I would confront her. But if she is well educated and has lots of experience give her a chance! What kind of school was it? When I see the word "school" I think of a regular school in a town/city that is run and owned by a school district, not an indiviual. Just cuirous =0) Happy holidays