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Can I connect some tweeters to my stereo in my room?

I have a 5 cd Panasonic stereo in my room. Not one of those really expensive ones. It has two speakers and they connect to the back of it through wires. I have the speakers set up on the floor though and the sound is really low up on top of my room. I want to put some tweeters up higher by my ear level. Is it possible? How would I connect them? Thanks Here is a picture of the back of my stereo. http://i19.tinypic.com/6tvfklw.jpg
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14 years ago
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You need to get a crossover. (the following is very simplified) A crossover takes a speaker level signal and splits the frequencies, high and low, usually. But this could be very difficult to find one that will work with your existing speakers. Crossovers are part of the load that the amp "sees" and thus can alter the imedance and other characteristics of the speakers. I'd not mess with it. Read more about crossovers here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_crossover