15 years ago
Nichole T

i haven't been able to gain weight!?

i haven't been able to gain weight for like a year. i feel sick all the time. Normally i weigh around 130 or 135 but for over a year i have weighed 105 to 107 pounds. I feel dizzy alot. I eat more food now than what i did before. If i don't eat i feel really sick. I have been getting bruises easy. What could be wrong with me and what should i do?
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15 years ago
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You could be anemic. But that's just a guess, many of us suffer from life and the crap that's being tossed at us everyday, enviornmental illnesses are everywhere.
15 years ago
lizard S
I have been going through the same thing. I just found out that I have hyperthyroid. Call and make an apt with your doc. they will do a blood test and that will tell you. Some other symptoms are increased blood pressure, short periods, restlessness. This can be a serious problem. If you do have a thyroid problem and you don't get it treated it can lead to heart attack and stroke. It can be treated with some meds. Also avoid eating things high in iodine like kelp and seaweed.