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Mere Mortal

This is a great product shot. What techniques were use?

Jewelry is very hard to photograph and this person nailed it. None of the highlights on the ring are blown out and the tonal range from highlight to shadow is in control and properly graduated. Nice job. http://www.evanbaines.com/gallery/jewel12.php
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Evan B
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Thank you! Most of my jewelry photography is a combination of a light-tent (well, not really a tent... a plastic diffuser) providing soft light for the metal, and carefully directed hard light to improve the sparkle of the gems. Also vital to the shot is the depth of field, which is achieved through the use of stacked-images. DOF is difficult to achieve for such small objects, and stopping down past about f/16 on any 35mm medium is a recipe for softness-through-diffraction. Thus, I typically shoot jewelry in the "sweet spot" of f8-f13 in a series of slices, and then merge them digitally. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions!
14 years ago
As an aging commercial photographer, most of the ideas given by the others are correct, just a few little extras. If you can't afford a tent to shoot in, buy a Tupperware or Rubbermaid cake carrier, the kind with the base the cake sites on and the top that snaps on is plastic, frosted looking. Even in plain sunlight it creates nice, even lighting. I can also tell buy comparing the inside of the ring to the outside that the artist dulled down the metal a bit, probably with matt spray or hair spray. Another good way to do that that comes off a lot easier is mix some canned cream, 1/2 to 1/2 distilled water. Using a soft brush and apply it to the areas that create the brightest specular. It will dull it down a bit and make your lighting even nicer. Hope this helps. c
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difussed light, a light tent would do it, I prefer Evans works where he uses a small spot to add a sparkle to the jewells, it could also be one of his tricky HDR images, you could always email Evan hes a gentleman and very helpful/knowledgable a
14 years ago
Nice use of a light tent