14 years ago
Fay Lyn

Sims 2 story ideas?

I need soms odd and weird stories for the sims 2. I have open for buisness, University, Family stuff. Please help!!! All answers welcome!!!!!!!!
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14 years ago
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Let's see, have two sisters who live together and they are very good friends. Along comes a guy and they both instantly fall in love with him. They both go after him and fight and such. Then, one of the girls get pregnant and by the guy. The pregnant girl and him get married, but he cheats on her in the end with her sister. (Very classic story)
6 years ago
i think of you may desire to get a chum to play with you. Take turns in doing random issues you do not even think of roughly. merely play such as you're able to routinely. Then as quickly as you get something you are able to plan that out. that is scientifically shown that some human beings think of visually. meaning they require the seen factor of the belief with a view to generate extra. So wish that helped!