13 years ago

need help finding good lawyer?

i had lost my licsencs do to insurance fruad and disobeying of office and had to spend time in jail. i never did my time because i was 7 months pregnant. need good lawyer to help me now. thanks.
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13 years ago
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The best way is to develop a special "old boy" network for this. Obviously you don't know any lawyer for this, so the second best thing is to get a name of someone who is good at this area, and be able to walk in and say you were referred by someone who is important to that lawyer. That's likely to be someone you don't even know right now. What you need to do is find someone you are close to that knows a lawyer personally, whether from having them handle something for them, or just socially. Go to that lawyer, say your friend told them they could help you find a good lawyer for your problem, and explain basically what it is. Chances are that it is not in their specialty, but most lawyers know lawyers that they can refer matters outside of their practice to. You won't find a recommendation like that here. Start with your family and close friends, see who knows a lawyer of ANY kind, see if you can get a personal referral from them. Beats the Yellow Pages.