14 years ago

please help pick phone?

okay. its between voyager and the glyde. i love both the glyde and the voyager. the glyde looks really cool and how its small enough to fit in my pocket. but the touch screen is not as responsive i love how the voyager has two screens and ones a touch. but its really big and im always gonna have it in my jean pocket. i only need the phones for txting and little special features things. like cool menu themes, more options/ editing things for the camera, like display set up and just things that make it look cool. ill be using no internet, web browsing, email, navigation, or anything. does the glyde or voyager read out your txts like the env? ive heard that the touch screen on the glyde is very frustrating.. is that true? is it as bad as reviews say it is? and how its through heat/electricty so its even harder in cold weather? and also i heard that the keyboard on the glyde is hard to use. like the top row is hard to reach and stuff? can you please help? which is cooler/better?
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14 years ago
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the glyde looks better but i definitely like the voyager more! it took me forever to decide but since the icons on the glyde's touch screen was so small and hard to use i chose to get the voyager and its great!!