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Transfering to a CUNY?

Is it wise to transfer from ST. John's University to a CUNY school? ST. John's is getting a little too expensive for my family so I was considering transfering to a cheaper school. My only problem with transfering is I hear CUNY/SUNY schools aren't as credible as regular universities such as St. John's. Is this true? Are CUNY/SUNY's bad schools? and what are my chances with employers if I transfer to a SUNY or CUNY? Thanks
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Some of the SUNYs actually rank higher than St. Johns. SUNY Stony Brook and SUNY Binghamton, for example, rank with the top 150 universities in the US. That's really good. Better than St. Johns. And since you're a NY state resident, they'd be far cheaper. Stony Brook is the closest to NYC, and it's a great school. If you're doing well at St. Johns, you can try to transfer to Stony Brook. Other SUNYs that do very well in the rankings are SUNY U at Buffalo, SUNY College of Environmental Science, SUNY Geneseo, and SUNY New Paltz. The Fashion Institute of Technology is also a SUNY, if that meets your interests. It's one of the top ranked fashion schools in the world. The CUNYs don't have as good a rep as the SUNYs, but that's because they have a history of not being particularly competitive re: admissions, and some of them aren't considered very strong, academically. But the better CUNYs are respected: Hunter and Baruch, especially so. Queens as an up and comer. Baruch leads the list, though. And cheap! Well, relatively speaking, for a university, they are very inexpensive. If you stick to one of the better SUNYs, or the better CUNYs, you should do just fine coming out. So depending on your grades, and if you want to stay in the NYC area, target SUNY Stony Brook and Baruch College. Hunter and Queens as back ups. FIT if that's your area of interest. No matter where you go to school, keep your grades up, do career related work with the clubs and etc. on campus, and also do an internship. In this way, you'll make sure you're appealing to employers when you come out.