13 years ago

what should i do with my girfriend need long an good advice?

i notice i like to argue i need to stopp and i get mad for lil reasons with my gf but i also want her to open up to me this is going to be our 8mnth and i think she should but when i tell her i dont like something she say srry but i want to talk and i get mad and flip and bring up the old things she acts likes shes affraid i need to be cool and calm with her and trust her and how can i get het to open up and me to be better and have a better relationship and i know i need stick with her lots of girls play games but she seem so reall should sticjk with her and dont worry babout no one else i think i should i just want to make sure that some say i aint wasiting my life jus being with this girl i care for deeply
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13 years ago
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tell her to open up because it is frustrating you.. tell her that you want this relationship to be more mature and more open.. having an open relationship leads to a stronger and more stable relationship.. Goodluck to you.. -jhen-