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I started my period on July 2nd. I had unprotected sex early, early, sunday morning (the 20th). I have 28 day cycles... so ovulaton should have been around the 15th... but I can usually feel when I am ovulating... I didn't feel it around then... I felt it around the 20th... I believe. Well I'm not late for my period yet.. it's suppose to come the 29th. I get little cramps here and there but nothing major yet. I usually cramp a lot before my period. But if I ovulated on the 20th my period will be late anyhow. I have white, lotion-like discharge... I've had it for a couple days now... and I don't have a yeast infection of an STD... fiancee's been tested. I just want some input on what you guys think... pregnant or period? I know Y!A isn't a pregnancy test... I just want some opinions... Thanks so much. =]
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If you ovulated on the 20th your period will be due +/- 14 days after that. Wait till Aug 3 and take a test.