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Kid's hair color removal?

So my mother babysits my little girl and of course she combs her hair before she drops her off at school. She uses the usual hair product hair spray and sometimes gel to slick it back real good. Well My mother bought hair gel at the local drug store and didnt notice what it said in the label. The label read "Hair lightner" its lightens your hair gradually in the sun.... My daughter is of fair skin and her hair was light brown WELL now its turning strawberry blonde... HELP! Could someone recommend a safe hair removal for kids. she is only 5 years old. I dont want to use something with harsh chemicals PLEASE HELP.. i know kids in hollywood do this all the time, they dye there hair for a role and then they remove the color. But what do they use?
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14 years ago
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I think you should just leave it now.. Why because it will damage it for a longer period of time The hair is a fragile thing... if its not wrecked already then don't tamper with it because it just will drop and she will end up bald.