13 years ago
Nikki W

Puppy is pretty rough..

Ok, this is a long one.. haha My 5 month old husky is great. the only thing is that I have a 4 year old stepsister and my two cousins, ages 6 and 3 come over all the time. They obviously run around and play all the time, but when they do this, my pup tries to play too. Since he is still young and getting bigger and stronger each day, it's like he doesn't realize how hard he's biting. He doesn't bite hard enough to break skin or anything, but since they are so young, it hurts them a lot more than us. He's great with kids, my cousins are always hugging him and kissing him, while he's laying down the youngest sometimes uses him when she pushes herself up after sitting on the ground, and he just lays there. The oldest is scared of big dogs, but is getting used to my pup.. I've been spending time with him, trying to get him to trust the dog more. I know he's very good, so while watching him, and making sure the dog is calm, I let my cousin put his hand around his mouth and stuff like that. It's mostly the 4 yr old, she screams at him anytime he follows her around or even tries to give her kisses. She's very mean to our other dog, who is 2, and has lived with her his whole life so he's used to it and just ignores her.. but my dog is still a puppy, and I know if she does what she does to the other dog, mine won't trust her and might do something about it. How can I get him to realize they're smaller and it hurts a lot more.. or even to stop his playful biting?
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Every time they bite, yell ow!! loudly and walk away. It sort of shocks the dog and may get them to stop. It clicks that biting equals no attention.