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repo cars qustion.................

are repo cars really worth the 800 for a practically new car and if they where real then wouldn't people be buying repo cars at a low price under 1k and selling it over 10k to make a quick $
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It does'nt work that way.When they have a car repoed ,it's already month's behind , they are loosing that money and the fee for the repo as well. They try to resale the car ,if they can't sale it on there lot, they take it to a auction and get the most that they can ,sometime's they make money be must if the time they just breake even or take a lose.
14 years ago
The key to getting new car for $800 is multiple postings. They knock a dollar off the price for every time you post. To answer your question - Are you nuts? Do you really think a bank, which is jammed full of financial experts, is going to sell you a new car for $800? Be reasonable.