12 years ago

Is there an exclusive guide for bulbasaur for pokemon firered?

ya it can't be like charmander or squirtle lol. i want it explaining like what attacks to use for every battle and stuff. Thank you
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12 years ago
Guy T
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i'm not sure i understand what you're sying but.. but: Bulbasaur: - tackle lv 4 Growl lv 7 leech seed lv 10 vine whip - one of the main grass attacks lv 15 poison powder + sleep powder lv 16 -evolving to Ivysaur 22 razor leaf - awsome grass attack 29 sweet scent 32 - evolving to venusaur 41 Growth 53 Synthesis 65 Solarbeam - Best grass type move. tho it damages only in the next turn.