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Some Programs on my computer have disappeared? (10 points)?

On my computer, i do not have administrative privelages, but my mom and dad do. My sister and i dont. On the administrator computer we downloaded a game and i used to play it a lot but not it is just a white box with a blue bar across it, but it still has the name of the game under it. Also it will not let me play it anymore, howeever, my sister, who again does not have administrative privelages, like me, has the game and can play it. The same thing has happened for microsoft word. One more thing, haha, a long time ago, my dad downloaded MSN Instant Messanger and then no one could find it for a while, (i think he deleted it) and just recently my sister has found it and i cant. Do you know where it could be? I will give ten points to the first person to thoroughly answer all of these questions and tell me what happened and where they all are. Thank you!
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Typically programs loaded in Windows show up in the c:\program files folder. You should try creating a new desktop shortcut to the .exe for the program(s) you are trying to use. Microsoft Word is usually run(executed) from c:\program files\Microsoft office\office11\winword.exe (Office 2003 path) Right mouseclick on the winword.exe program and then create a shortcut to your desktop. MSN is in a similar path, typically. Why do these programs show up differently for each user? Each user has a profile created when they get an account. XP uses c:\documents and settings\xxxxxx for the specific storage space for the xxxxxx user. Vista uses the c:\users\xxxxxx path for its' storage space. Note: you will need to unhide these folders to see the path. When you have administrator rights the program will typically ask if you want to install the program for this user only or for all users. It is possible that the programs you are having trouble accessing were installed with some users not being able to run them. The other variable is that if your sister was given Power User rights on the pc, her rights give her greater access to the programs than you have. You may have only guest rights, for instance. Sit down with your parents and try to negotiate for help getting access to the programs you want.