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Can anybody help with volte-face?

I need this for a drama piece at school. I do know the meaning of the phrase but I'm needing some ideas on what I could base a script on. I'd like it to be something really different & abstract. Also, my teacher has asked us to bring in some information on the theme & I really don't know what I could take in. I've tried looking online but there is no help. Please help someone. Only mature/proper answers please.
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can u think of something that has happened in your community that make the authorities eat their words and went back to the original way. an about face after public backlash. or smthg private in the family - your dad had to backtrack in order to have family unity? in politics there r many. hitler said peace and then he attacked poland almost immediately. eg - new coke was withdrawn after public backlash - they want original coke!