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Question about reception decor and Moroccan lanterns! ?

I have just started planning and want to throw this idea out there. I am really interested in these Moroccan lanterns to see what I'm talking about, go here: http://halfpricedecor.com/?pg=item_detail&id=37437 Ok so my question is a big one...how can I decorate the tables with these and with flowers? Can I do some bigger lanterns grouped with smaller ones and alternate that with floral arrangements with the smaller lanterns on the other tables? What colors will go well with these? Do you think the candles will cast a nice light on the ballroom? We are planning for fall 2009. I don't plan to serve moroccan food, but just though these were different than votives. I don't want to go over the top with the theme, but wanted to add a stylish touch! All opinions are welcome!! If you can find some pictures or other sites to reference, help me out!
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Lady Tam
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First, let me say that I love this idea! If only I had thought of this for my own wedding! I think the lanterns would look best clustered (with varying heights) around the center of a table. Maybe with each table having a different theme color. And you can throw some flower petals and glass stones (like the kind they put in fish tanks) on the table too... these will really catch the light. Here's a wedding from theknot.com that showcases a beautiful Moroccan lantern wedding cake: http://myrealwedding.theknot.com/photo/view/It039s-All-In-The-Details Here are some other Moroccan lantern websites: http://www.idealfavors.com/colored-glass-moroccan-candle-lantern-ltn06001.aspx http://www.weddingtabledecor.com/page/page/1812806.htm
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The lanterns are lovely I'd have them on their own centre of the table, then scatter burnt orange, yellow and deep purple rose petals onto the table.