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When a girl asks if you like kids?

A while ago, I was out with a girlfriend of mine (we're just "friends"). We were in the car on the way to the movies. She was asking me questions based on relationships. Stuff like what do you like in a girl, do I like kids. I said that I did like kids and I thought I'd be a good father one day. I looked to see what her reaction would be and there she was with a big smile across her face. There are some issues though. I am 23 and if she is thinking of having kids with me I'm not exactly ready for that. I'm ready for a relationship, just not with kids just yet. She's 25 to so there's that age difference and I think she's ready to settle down. Would you say that she is interested? I mean we're just friends right now but could it be more? What should I look for if it could be more?
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This is a guy/girl difference. Girls want to know the potential for the future before they get close to deciding on a future. In other words, she wants to know if you are the kind of guy who wants marriage/fatherhood etc, long before she gets to a point where she decides that she wants to marry you and have children with you. Girls don't want to even start a relationship with a guy if they're just going to get attached only to find out that you aren't the kind of guy to have a future with her. They'd rather not even start down that path if they know up front that it isn't what you want. She likes you, and she's considering dating you. But she's not necessarily wanting kids and marriage with you. She just wants to make sure that you aren't a permanent bachelor who will never give up your bachelor ways, before she even entertains the idea.