13 years ago

Beer-making classes in Tallahassee, Fl or nearby?

I'm trying to look for something fun for my boyfriend and I. I'v been looking like crazy for a beer-making class, but have yet to find one. Anyone able to help? Thanks!
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13 years ago
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try looking in the yellow pages for a home beer and wine making supply shop. They often have classes on brewing. This is a popular site used on YA. http://www.beertown.org/homebrewing/index.html http://www.beertown.org/homebrewing/listings.asp Here I found this club on the locator North Florida Brewers League ID #: 000148230 PO Box 3325 Tallahassee, FL 32315 USA 850 422 3625 sarahbridegroom@netscape.net
13 years ago
The Home Brew Den on Mahan (by TCBY) is pretty awesome, and they sell kits in different price levels (all fairly affordable -- and mine came with a tee shirt). Better yet, everyone is incredibly helpful and knowledgable -- I got my husband a kit for Christmas last year and were drinking our first batch by our super bowl party! As far as I know, they don't have beer-making classes, but they sell books and their instructions that come with the kit are simple as can be to follow. Anyway, I'd talk to them about it! have fun! p.s. they do wine kits too!