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bfme 2 help using men of the west against elves ?

My friend likes to use elves and is very good when it comes to using their archers. Early on ( i dont know how he does it) he send normal elven archers with silverthorn arrows, protected with pikemen to attack me. I fight for a bit trying to get my cavalry around the pikemn and to run over the archers but still in the end he always ends us winning
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Ummm I'm an Isengard player, but one of my friends uses men. Since isengard can get really screwed over by a good elves, my friend is the one that deals with elven players. The best way (with men) is to beat elven archers with rangers. Get rangers upgraded as fast as possible and get boromir. Boromir does knockback to Haladir while the rangers kill other archers. The best thing about rangers is that once you get fir arrows, you can bombard elven structures which then light on fire and burn down-you can really destroy his income this way. Then, just send in units once he doesnt have much money, kill his base, and win!