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Stage hypnotist show?

I saw a stage hypnotist show last week. Anyone know from experience that the crazy things people do guided by a stage hypnotist is real? Knowing what happens, would you do it again?
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corena T
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We went to a club and a part of the show was people from the audience being hypnotized. One of the girls was a girl who I had gone to school with. After talking to her after the incident, she could not remember anything. This man had them acting like chickens, scratching themselves due to thinking bugs on them. Had them believing that they were so hot that they were taking their clothes off etc...While trying to take their clothes off he had to tell them they couldn't take all their clothes off because they were in a public place. It was pretty funny. I would love to experience this myself....
6 years ago
while i replaced into in extreme college (approximately 1980 or so), that they had a hypnotist positioned on a night practice on the college. My kin went. They have been given an number of volunteers to take a seat down in chairs down on the wellbeing club floor. It replaced into what you will assume - making people forget issues, making the captain of the soccer team positioned on a feather boa and cluck like a fowl, and so on. while the guy clapped or suggested a particular be conscious, they could quit. The soccer guy stopped mid-abdomen dance. He looked pissed. At one factor he worked on the full objective audience, telling the team to place their palms at the same time and that they could not take them aside till he suggested so. It worked on some people, not me. all of us gasped and laughed (nervously) at how effectual it rather replaced into. i replaced into attempting especially to not participate besides - kinda freaked me out. besides, some thing very thrilling got here approximately later. At residing house after the practice, we've been discussing it and my mom positioned her palms at the same time. Then she could not pull them aside! They weren't glued or something, and he or she wasn't clasping them at the same time perplexing or something, she replaced into basically unable to do it. It replaced into VERY frightening for her. My stepdad pulled her palms aside and then issues have been nice. i don't think of i could bypass to a diverse practice.