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Moon H

What to do when you've fallen from grace?

Background: I'm a Mennonite, born and raised Catholic. I think I may have fallen from grace. Nothing seems to be going right lately and I am having a lot of bad luck and none of my prayers are being answered. I feel forgotten and in a dark place; so far away from God. How can I make penance? Do you have any suggestions? Should I say a few rosaries or some special prayers or what? Please hurry so things will get better for me soon. Thanks.
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have you truly accepted Jesus into your life? have you died to the flesh and are living with Christ in Spirit....fully by His grace and not by the ways of the law? if you answered yes to these questions..then i assume that you are putting Jesus as #1 in your life....not money...or boys...or fast cars...jewelery....clothing...etc....but.... Jesus! if i were you i would make sure Jesus is at the top of my list....find a quiet private place and drop down on your knees and pray! beg for forgiveness....beg for guidance....beg for Him to give you strength! assure Him that you love Him and that you will do whatever it takes for Him to realize that! Never give up.....thats the devil trying to pull you away! stand steadfast until the end! God holds you in His hand....and He wont let anyone snatch you out of His hand! ...talk about security! pray as often as possible.....i pray that God will help you! with love...."D"
14 years ago
Sometimes I catch myself feeling sorry for myself, I ask God why things are not going my way... but then I see people with real problems. Sick people, handicapped people, hurt people and I realize it is selfish to ask God to deal with my trivial little problems because he has bigger problems to deal with. And that brings me to conclusion that I need to just keep things simple, search for love, peace, and money. Be good to people and try to be a responsible citizen, I am obligated to do this because God has already given me every thing I need like food to eat , good parents, and a place to sleep. You do not need much in life, just contentment with what you have and hope what what things you are willing to work for. I do not know what type of situation you are in but I hope this helps.