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Yamaha waverunner gp1300r?

ook i have a question i am going to get a jetski for my birthday this year from my opartents and i think i found the one its an 05 yamaha gp1300r and its in mint garage stored everything. it comes with a trailor cover. they guy is asking 5500 or bro i dont know what bro is but imm gunna see if i can get him to give it uo for 4600 to about 4900 with trailor and everything is this a good deal even if i can only get it for 5gs please help
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eh thats a decent deal but 4 strokes are the way to go man.
6 years ago
i could propose yamaha waverunners and seadoos. i see the main of those on the water, and we own 2 seadoos. They run great and are a TON of exciting. We own a dealership that sells motorcycles, 4 wheelers,and small watercraft and seadoos and waverunners are the main familiar.
14 years ago
pablo azcobar
For $5000 you might be able to find a Kawasaki STX-R 1200 which is a better and bigger ski, or maybe a newer 4-stroke. The STX-R is just the best! Try the STX-15F four-stroke too!