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Terrible phobia of snakes...?

I have a horrible phobia of snakes, they're probably the only creature in the world I truly hate and am scared to death of. I've tried learning about them to get rid of my phobia, that didn't help, I tried going to zoos with them, and I only ended up walking in and running through as quickly as I could to the other end. They just scare me silly. I have horrible nightmares that they are all over my floor and if any part of me hangs over the side of my bed, they'll kill me, than I wake up curled up in a little ball right smack dab in the middle of my bed. Recently I've had them a lot more, and I can't get to sleep once I woken up, I usually end up jumping out of my bed, running out of the dorm and sitting out in the hall the rest of the morning, til everyone else wakes up. It's not too bad, it gives me time to really think, but I'm noticing I'm running on caffine more, and I'm only getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night. What can I do to get rid of this phobia or get rid of these dreams. Please help!
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Before you go to sleep, read at least 15 pages of one of your fav. books. Then drink some warm milk with honey or cinnamon or just warm milk without anything. Turn your radio on. Adjust for fan to where it is directly pointed towards you. Take 2 big deap breaths. And relax......zzzzz!
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properly Im extraordinarily lots the comparable as you exept my substantial phobia is bees. it extremely is confusing for me interior the summertime to be outdoors. Im happy I also have a storage so I dont could circulate outdoors to get into my motor vehicle. Your phobia is user-friendly. maximum snakes dont even chew. very few snakes interior the united statesabsolutely chew. somewhat some the non-venomous snakes are only garder snakes and that they are completely threat unfastened. Plus I dont think of snakes will deliberatly attack people except they worry they're being harmed.