14 years ago

Good ideas for high school activities?

i was recently elected class president, and im looking for new and fun ideas to start the school year off right. any suggestions?
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14 years ago
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Raise money and or volunteer for your local animal shelter. Sometimes our furry friends get forgotten and need some love too. Even just organizing a weekly dog walk helps!
6 years ago
you've a school-huge paintball, college-huge snowball strive against utilising forts, have warm chocolate, the finished works. a contest day with foot races, egg-spoon races, water gun fights or water balloon fights, huge sport of tag, etc. you're able to also do a snooze over with pillow fights, conceal and seek for, no longer a lengthy movie in the different case childrens get hyper and do not opt to end the movie. you're able to all bypass some the position like a topic park, to a prepare of a few variety like a magic prepare or musical. actual the funds is the decrease, the a lot less money you've the better the activities will be, except that is dodgeball. My college enable our baseball crew stay all evening in the health center and we performed dodgeball for 10 hours, went to mattress at 4 a.m. and were given up and had prepare at 8 a.m. impressive!