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Sterilizing tattoo machines?

So after emailing one of the tattoo artists I found, he said that they use disposable tubes and needles and that there is no need for autoclave. But my question is wouldn't they still need to autoclave the tattoo machines, or no? Thanks for any help as always!
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15 years ago
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The machine does occasionally get dirty from tattooing even though it doesn't touch the skin. Ink can come back through the end of the tube and deposit on the tops of the coils depending on the angle of the machine during tattooing. Most artists use plastic bags over the machine, or wipe it down with Sani wipes after use.
7 years ago
No, your machine should be bagged while you're using it. The sterile tube is almost four inches long, nothing travels up the tube that high. The machine itself never touches the skin. Just the tube, tip and grip, which in your case, is one piece. You need to take a blood pathogens course to help you know how to prevent cross contamination. Bleach, boiling, and washing won't make much difference. Your autoclave needs twelve pounds of pressure per square inch for a thirty minute minimum. Boiling anything does not help. Bleach water is only used for cleaning up your work area. Wipe your machine down with green soap. A machine or clip cord never go into the autoclave. Both are wrapped.
15 years ago
No they don't need an autoclave for the tattoo machines..... the machine doesn't touch anyone's skin and they were gloves!
9 years ago