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What do i do i feel so socially retarded?

I just decided to stay on at my private school for my a levels (i am 16) instead of go to a bigger college with half my friends. I really regretted not goign because theyve all made so many new friends and the size of my year has really reduced. There are positives about my current school like i feel like i have a solid place and i think a good reputation (been there and done pretty good i hope for 10 years). It's for 2 years until i leave but the thing is i feel very socially limited. One of my guy friends has gone to collge and hes instantly got a girlfriend after being a sort of reject ( i dont mean t be mean but he was sort of) at my school last year. I really feel like i'm missing out and i just want to go to a party and have a great time and i want a graet boyfriend out of school but i dont know how to you knowwwwwwwwwwwwww x
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Urmmmmm, go out and meet new people
6 years ago
i'm completely at a loss for words by making use of Cancerians the two adult males and ladies human beings. i detect them incredibly helpful and trustworthy human beings, and that they r continually waiting to help and help u. yet even while u r doing all that, u look in undemanding terms a splash stand-offish. i think of that Cancers tend to be greater introverted human beings ( a minimum of those i understand, all of them are). perchance u would desire to detect in simple terms one (in undemanding terms one) pal, which would be incredibly close to to u. while u understand somebody for a protracted time, u in simple terms understand how they experience, even if in the event that they do no longer open to u. So perchance u want precisely that kind of pal. somebody who will experience u r emotions, and understand what to make approximately them. And If u incredibly do no longer want to socialise that plenty precise now, perchance u would stumble on a helpful e book and initiate analyzing. That has continually helped me while i think I wanna be left by myself :) Ha ha and that i completely believe Killer on the trip :P