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What are some craft ideas for a teen (14) to make and sell?

Hi! First off, thanks for taking the time to read and answer the question. My name is Lara and I am a 14 year old Freshman looking to make some money! I live on a farm and during the Fall we have a pumpkin patch,and during the spring we have a flowering basket market. My mom has given me the okay to have a little Gift shop to sell some crafts to make some extra money. Problem is I have no idea what crafts to make and sell. I would like some Halloween/Fall themed and Some mothers day/spring themes but some general crafts would be great too. I have money to spend on supplies, but I would like to make some profit. Thanks so much to anyone who helps me out!! Links would be great. Thanks again. -Lara
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You could make jewelry with colors that correspond to the time of year for different times you're selling them- more golds/browns for fall and greens/yellows/pastels for spring. Or, if you like working with clays you could make sculpey charms to go on bracelets/earrings/necklaces. Knitting or sewing hats and small accessories is fun, too. Using ribbon/lace remnants to make necklaces, pin and bracelets is another good thing- it does get time consuming, but if you're good at hand-stitching (or using a sewing machine) they're profitable as well.
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I live on a farm too,hate it when it comes to making money. I crochet gifts and sell them. It is easier than knitting and you can make stuffed animals, hats, clothes, socks, and way more! The supplies are pretty cheap and it's fun after you get the hang of it. Also consider Perler Beads. They are fuseable beads you put on a peg board and iron together. Make sure the iron setting is cotton and it's on 5 when you iron it. You could even make your own designs. People love them. On sources is the website for perler beads and directions on crocheting. Email me for any questions. OH EDIT!!!! Here is a way for a simple tote: Take a jean leg, cut it 1 foot up from the bottom. Take a glue gun and fold half oof it up, make sure you don't glue the top though. Then fold the top down, and you have a tote!!!!
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In the fall you could do knit or crocheted scarves, good for the upcoming cold weather. In the spring you could sell beaded jewelry. You could sell note cards anytime, or themed cards that go with the season.