14 years ago

I play runescape, and..........?

I have 60 in all of the following--attack, defense, strength, range, and mage--which style of fighting should I, as a non-mem use to pk??
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14 years ago
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Well, depending on your combat level I would just by guessing say you are around a level 65-74? If you want to "pk" your only options are bounty hunt, and clan wars. I would sugest you not bounty hunting cause you are going to be a very low level in med creater, but If you wish and have some money to spend, I would tank mage. Go to tears of guthix and get one of the 2 mage robe sets, and just replace the legs and medhelm, and add a kiteshield, acorse you will be having an elemental staff, also use dimond ammy. Your defence should be around +130 to all melee and range. and +30 to magic. You should get +15 to magic offencive. Just use your best spell, and tank. I would go hunting away from the walls (when i say hutning i dont mean bounty HUNT, i mean go look for anyone) and just start dming people, you will last a long time. AVOID rangers with hides on.
14 years ago
60 magic, 60 range is WAYYY too low. I suggest using melee attacks.