14 years ago

MagicJack user needs help!?

Here's the situation smart people, My girlfriends grandmother sent us a magicJack. We received the orange booklet and the Jack with some pictures of how simple it is. Once I plugged the Jack into my USB port, the D:Drive only three files, one that contained an autorun notepad that said to run it through the CD-ROM, a file that Just said "DO NOT USE THIS DRIVE" and the icon for the autoplay. I have no idea what my phone number is with this, or anything regarding registration information, but the magicJack site says you can give it as a gift and the recipient can register. The phone we have running has a dialtone but nothing happens when we try to make a call, Just more dialtone. I'm stuck and need help. HALP ME YAHOO ANSWERS, YOU NEVAR FAIL!
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14 years ago
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I always thought this thing was a scam.... I dunno I was always tought if it is to good to be true ...... it probably is and 20 bucks for a years worth of phone service just seems way to good to be true...... ive read a lot of blogs on this thing and ive yet to read anything good... but lemme try and help i think if you contact them directly would be a better way to get good info click this for there live help they should be able to solve it for you http://www.magicjack.com/2/customercare.asp