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Pain after D and C please help!!!?

I had a D and C a couple days ago after having a miscarriage at 11 weeks and lately I've been experiencing a lot of soreness and tenderness around my neck and shoulders. And today I've noticed this same soreness and tenderness starting from the top of my stomach all the way down to my vagina. In case you need to know I am 18, I weigh 240 lbs, and am 5' 8". Please help I'm really worried!!
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13 years ago
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I had the same symptoms after having a D&C. I asked my doctor and she said that the soreness was the gas (anesthetic) they used to put me under settling around in my muscles. The soreness in your abdominal area is probably just your body healing. SUrgery does weird things to us as it's not natural for our bodies to experience such things. Being overweight is another factor. People who are overweight have a longer healing time. If you continue to have severe pain, contact your doctor. ALso, if you notice foul smelling discharge or abnormally heavy bleeding, go to the doctor.
13 years ago
Don't walk...RUN to your local ER!! It sounds like you've got an infection brewing!