13 years ago
Eli F

13 year old boy trying to ask 13 year old girl out?

Im in 8 grade and the girl is in 8 grade. She is in 2 of my classes, drama and math, and we talk to each other like friends. We sit next to each other in both classes. How do I ask her to go out, and if she says yes, then were should we go?
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13 years ago
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When you ask her out make sure no one else is with you i mean u can b n an area with peopl dnt not with them standin next 2 u. so anyways u walk w/ her at recess or whatever free time u guys have together. then if she says yes give her a hug and then mayb one day give her a little gift like small jewelry or sumthin cuz then she'll REALLY kno she made i good decision and also make sure u even out ur time wit her and ur friendz but some days spend more time wit her. and you go to the movies and if ur parents r strict on dating, a great way to go is she say shes goin with one of her friends, ur goin with one of ur friends and u guys end up goin together but dnt wrry the date is jus for u guys lol and if she says no (hopefully not), just dust if off there will b PLENTY more girls that r more likely to say yes. Be blessed!
8 years ago
If you really like her a lot you should ask her out. You should just go to the movies or something simple and easy to see if you like her actual personalitys. If you do just keep going out with her.