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if you know what metaphors and similes are...?

can you give me a simile for the Andes Mountains a metaphor for ancient Icans a metaphor for Machau Picchu a simile for ancient peruvaians and a simile for the present day mountain people
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To be honest with you I don't think you're going to get anywhere if you ask random people on the internet to do your homework. I CAN help you though. There's this nifty feature on Google, it gives you definitions of ANY words. Go to google.com, and in the search box type "define: xxxxxx" where xxxxxx would be the word of your choice. In your case, the definitions of "metaphor" and "simile" are as follows: metaphor: A figure of speech "in which one thing, idea, or action is referred to by a word or expression normally denoting another thing, idea, or action, so as to suggest some common quality shared by the two. simile: a figure of speech that expresses a resemblance between things of different kinds (usually formed with `like' or `as') You take it from here!