14 years ago

I ripped my boot. How much and how long?

I think I ripped my front right outter axel boot. I hear a large click noise when I turn or run over a pot hole. would it be best to replace just the boot or the whole axel? how much will it cost?
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14 years ago
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On some vehicles, you can replace just the outer joint. It depends on what vehicle you have. At this point, the boot being ripped has destroyed the joint and it needs replacing. You might want to have them give you a price on replacing the whole axle as well. It is probably your best choice. Pricing again, depends on the vehicle and what is involved. I would estimate a couple of hundred bucks. You will probably want a front end alignment done as well which will add to the cost . Don't wait too long on this repair. It needs to be done asap. Good Luck to you.