13 years ago
Amitanshu G

which scripting language is the most used when it comes to Web Programming:ASP.NET,PHP,Perl,RubyonRails?

Which scripting language is the most used when it comes to web programming-is it ASP.NET,PHP,Ruby on Rails,Perl,Python or any other language?And what percentage of usage share/market share does it have?
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13 years ago
Mythological Beast
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PHP is most commonly used on Apache as part of the LAMP environment. You'll also find Perl and Ruby, but PHP has a huge percentage of the Apache market. There has been a strong trend towards Web Services (particularly Java), run on JBoss and/or Tomcat (also Apache products). For IIS you almost always see ASP.Net. This also comes in a Web Services flavor. Right now Apache has a little over 50% market share, while IIS runs around 35%.
6 years ago
PHP is a server side script which allows for dynamic content between user and host such as emailing forms and so on, HTML is a mark-up script which all webpages are made of as it is the basic building block also Flash isn't a script it uses Action Script which is the script part of the plug-in. :)
13 years ago
I don't know about market shares or percentages. My guess is that it would be PHP. It's open source, available on a lot of platforms, ties in with MySQL, and it's well-supported.