15 years ago

(White/Latin/Black) girls would you date an indian guy who was North american in every way, born in N.A. too?

im 18 and it just seems im never noticed and girls really just dont look or care or are interested especially when i was in highschool im just one of the ones that really are avoided but i dont look bad or anything?
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15 years ago
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Sorry I'm just not attracted East Indian men. I'm only attracted to East Asian men.
7 years ago
They helpful could...under those situations offcourse: a million. Your useful looking. 2. communicate good english. 3. do no longer scent like curry, for some reason people honestly think of east indians scent like it... 4. You break her with presents and a loopy exciting life form. different than that, sorry bro, Indian adult males don't have the appropriate danger with white females interior the courting scene here interior america of a.
15 years ago
I would date an Indian man. I'm white, attractive, blond. Guys check me out all the time. Indian guys really don't though.