13 years ago

Is it worth getting the cannon EOS 5D?

getting it well thinking of and i have done my research on it and everything I'm wanting to be a photojournalist when i grow up. Just wondering if anyone knows if its worth the money?? and if not could they recommend a better one please^-^
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13 years ago
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Keep in mind that no matter how "cheap" it is getting (as it's been discontinued by Canon)--it's going to cost you a handful if you get some good lenses to match what it can do. Since you sound like you're just starting out--why not getting a Canon Digital Rebel XT (the base model)--and learn from there. Once you are comfortable (and this means you're able to use it to get good photos under any conditions), you can move up to a better one (which by then, whatever the model they are making). Most here were shot with Canon 5D in case you're interested. http://www.flickr.com/little_pooky
13 years ago
Joe Hurley
It really depends on how serious you are about photography and how much picture quality you want. The good thing about a 5D is that it has a full-frame sensor as opposed to say a 20D in which your images will be cropped because of the smaller sensor. I'd say its a good time to buy a 5D as the 5D mark II just came out so you should see the prices of older 5Ds starting to drop over the next few months. Still there are plenty of other great SLRs out there for amateur photographers, the new Canon Rebel looks fantastic, especially for a first time digital SLR owner.