12 years ago

What to do about rash on face?

I've been taking a medicine for almost a week that I just found out I'm allergic to! There's red dots all over my body. But on my face are bumps and blotches. It kind of looks like I have bad acne. I'm a girl in high school. I have to go to school tomorrow. I'd rather not go looking like this! And I'm bad at this girly stuff so I don't know what tricks I can do to make myself look better. Make up.. ? Haha, any tips are greatly apprecieated!
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12 years ago
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go out right now and buy benadryl and maybe get calladryl for the redness and itching but benadryl would reduce the inflammation(redness) and that should reduce the bumps in no time. i work for a physician and we recommend benadryl to all poison ivy/oak/sumac and to allergic reactions.